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Mindful Awareness and Mind-Body Integration
The New Mantra for the
Future of Health
Diet, Exercise, and Annual Checkups Alone Just Won't Cut it!

Homayoun Sadeghi, MD

  • It seems as if everyone is peddling MINDFULNESS after GOOGLE began teaching the practice to its employees. What can mindfulness do for YOU?


  • The Paradox of Stress — Why stress can actually be a good thing for your health.


  • FOX NEWS says: “Low on energy? Do this one simple thing for an instant boost.” THREE ways to boost your energy the natural way.


  • CNN calls it “25 HAPPINESS HACKS.” Here’s why HAPPINESS can have a profound effect on your health.


  • FORBES published a segment titled “A Successful Venture Capitalist And Founder Says Intuition Is Everything.” Here are THREE ways to strengthen your power of INTUITION.