An Excerpt From The Book


We rely on our sense perceptions to understand this world. The world we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste seems to be a solid representation of what we presume to be our entire universe. In reality, however, this palpable universe is nothing but a construct that is personalized to suit our core beliefs and embedded assumptions. We literally filter the world through our senses based on our teachings, beliefs, assumptions, and past experiences.

Our brains generally filter the world through the narrow perception of our five senses. This helps us focus so that we can make sense out of the unorganized chaos that imminently surrounds us. Without these filters, this world would be practically foreign to us.

Of course, this filtering process is subconsciously limited by the narrow confines of our own beliefs and life experiences. That’s why at times our sense perceptions can easily fail us. As a matter of fact, we don’t hesitate to doubt ourselves when, rightfully or not, others dare to take a stand and boldly challenge us. 

Given the malleable nature of the human mind, it would be no surprise to think that we may have collectively adopted socially agreed-upon models and rules of how this world should be. In truth, what we call reality is only a model of perception, a tale, a point of reference that we have established arbitrarily.

Concepts like air travel or wireless technology, for example, were only but flashes of fantasy until we were able to fit them in our models of reality. We all know that only few centuries ago, the idea of the lifestyles we lead in today’s world had no basis in reality.

We live in a fairy world, constructed by self-imposed models of virtual reality. Though as a race, we all collectively subscribe to what a model of reality should be, each and every one of us tends to settle into and experience a slightly different version of reality.

Otherwise this world would be a boring place indeed. The nature of our homes, jobs, interactions, and relationships only testify to the level of understanding we have each reached in creating and glorifying our own personal realities.

What if your poverty is nothing but your own carelessly preconceived notion of what your financial state should be? What if your state of health conforms to your blind acceptance of how things should be? What if your happiness depends on money, relationships, predetermined results, and contingencies? Aren’t you creating your own predefined version of reality?

Life is a game, a game of virtual reality. On Earth, each individual is by default an active participant in this game of virtual reality. A game, whether played on a computer, in an arena, or on a field, must by definition have rules and laws for its participants to engage in. Caught up in this drama, lost in this maze of virtuality, we misunderstand the rules, and therefore suffer the indignities of poverty, disease, discomfort, and insanity.

You are the creator of your universe. You are the choreographer, the actor, and the playwright of your own universe. If you but wake up and realize your mistake, you will have the potential to change your entire universe. You have every right to be healthy, you have the right to feel happy. You are entitled to be wealthy.

Your only limit is your own level of flexibility, imagination, and creativity. Learn the rules, change your assumptions, and adopt empowering beliefs. Before you know it, this world will reshuffle itself to reflect your new assumptions and new beliefs.