“The Best Medicine Known to Humankind is Manufactured Inside The Human Mind.”
— Homayoun Sadeghi, M.D.


About This Program

This innovative event is uniquely designed to show how mindful awareness can help you optimize the health and well-being of your body and mind. It harnesses the primordial power of music to help you learn ways to transform yourself, enhance your mind-body connection, and achieve a new level of health and productivity in life. The secret is in using the power of emotion to drive home the concepts that can help you take your health to a whole new level and ultimately improve your personal power and creativity in life.

Research now shows that music can practically light up the brain like a tree of lights. It can provoke a sense of nostalgia, connectedness, euphoria, and love. Using the power of music, this program can strengthen your sense of meaning and purpose and let you walk away with an experience that can potentially change your life. 

It has now been well documented that music can help enhance the immune system, reduce stress, boost memory, improve the mood, and increase your cognitive and learning capabilities. When you combine the transformative power of music with a subject you are interested in (i.e., mindful awareness, mind-body integration, or optimizing the power of health and healing), you will walk away with a lasting impression that can forever change your life. Come join us as we celebrate the innate power of mind-body awareness in creating a lasting change in our lives.

This exhilarating program is carefully designed to elucidate the nature and impact of mind-body awareness on the quality of healing, health, and vitality. The culmination of this arrangement is to awaken the intrinsic capacity within us to embrace a mind-body approach in the pursuit of health, inner vitality, and self-healing.

The goal of this concept is to promote awareness and highlight the intimate role of the mind in maintaining a healthy and balanced life. It is to show how every form of inclination imprinted in the mind may intimately affect the health of the body. It is framed around a simple design to show you how by becoming conscious of this causal connection, you will realize that your state of health is highly dependent on the way your mind engages your body. By understanding and becoming comfortable with this key concept you can open doors you never knew existed. You can live better, become healthier, and enjoy a more vibrant and productive life.



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A Mind-Body Integration

Awareness Program