The True Secret of Wealth


The Central Paradox

We humans have an interesting way of picking and choosing what we think is valuable in this life; we practically ignore everything that seems to be abundant, and instead go to great lengths to get our hands on all the trivial stuff that really have no true bearing on the quality of life.


We see people basking in the sun, breathing-in the precious air, and drinking the life-giving waters of this wonderful earth, but never really worry that they may be depleting our natural resources.


Let them live a little lavishly however, and some of us will instantly feel a premonitory twinge, because we’ll automatically presume that they are taking away our rightful share. We feel a strong urge to stand up and fight for our hypothetical share.


We are all inherently conditioned to think that our resources are limited, and that wealth distribution is largely unequal and quite unfair. We think wealth is a physical thing. We feel a strange need to grab and hold whatever we are able to get our hands on just  to compensate for all those rainy days that lurk ahead.


For some reason, most people grow up thinking that poverty is perfectly normal or may be even spiritual. Many of us feel that we were somehow meant to suffer in this world, only to someday redeem ourselves when we reach the “world beyond.”


But to many, this point of view is just unsatisfying; why can’t prosperity and abundance be available HERE and NOW? Perhaps because most people associate wealth with money!

What Is Money?

We see money as a remedy that can cure everything. We think it’s a magic wand that can fix every social, emotional, marital, or financial fall. In a nutshell, we are mesmerized by money, even though deep inside we know it can’t help us solve anything substantial at all. If you are not sure about this, read about those who couldn’t cope with life even though  they financially had it all.


You see money, in and of itself, has no utility in creating wealth at all. Money is basically created by generating a wealthy frame of mind; without establishing this mental framework, you will never create any form of wealth at all.


We treat money as if it’s a precious object; we try to hoard it, save it, and hide it away from others at all costs. But people save for a lifetime, only to see everything evaporate in an unforeseen fall.


Be it in a money scheme, an economic downturn, a stock market crash, or a natural disaster, there is always something that can break the bank and destroy it all. Often, the money from a winning lottery ticket or a premature inheritance seems to somehow slip through our fingers as if we had never really gained anything at all. Where is the important lesson in all this?

The Science Behind Wealth

For most people, wealth is a foreign concept; they just simply misunderstand the basic idea behind it. Wealth is not an endpoint, it’s a level of understanding, that when grasped, becomes a part of you the way you would need to breathe.


Wealth is not measured in terms of money. It’s a shift in perspective. The more you become able to operate from this perspective, the more you can naturally attract money— that’s all.


Money is just the icing on the cake; it is rightfully yours if you only understand the basics that make it tick. You see, the fortune you seek is not an object, it’s a concept, an idea, a mindset.


Wealth is a mindset that you need to adopt from the outset. Before you can do this, however, you need to get passed beyond the camouflage that cleverly hides it.

The End Concept

To give you an analogy; the invisible wireless waves that carry the signals for television, radio, or telephone in reality permeate our space — they are everywhere! In fact, they must have existed even long before the dawn of the human race. But they remained utterly useless until we were able to discover them and find a way to harness them in space.


The concept of wealth is not really any different; you just need to learn the idea behind it before you can harness its power. If it’s out of your reach, you need to breakdown you mental barriers; you need to shatter the glass wall that separates you from the abundance that escapes your narrow gaze. 


Again, the most important thing to realize is that wealth not a measure of money. It’s a concept, an idea, an impression. Wealth is a state of mind and being. Once this is clearly understood, then and only then can you ever really tap into an increasing stream of wealth.