Relationships Can Be Vital To Growth and Self-discovery


The Sweet Smell of Love

Intimate relationships satisfy one of the most essential unspoken needs of human existence. In many ways, having an intimate partner helps us feel better equipped to overcome obstacles and solve problems.


When we join hands, we seem to feel stronger, smarter, and more motivated to achieve things. Together, we have more energy to sore to new heights and create things. Friendships some say, are gifts bestowed from the heavens above; but the true gift indeed is not the relationship itself, it’s the love we experience as a result of the magical union that is created above.


We are all spellbound somehow to search for love; we have a strong primitive urge to reach for love. This urge is at times so strong, it can supersede the urge for food and other essentials in life.


Looking For Love

For some, finding a partner is a natural process; it’s as easy as singing a kindergarten song. But for others, the unceasing dilemma of choosing the perfect mate forever remains a heart-wrenching thought that seems to perpetually last all year long.


Sometimes the social pressure to find a suitable partner can make us forget the essence of what we have been searching for all along. Lost in the maze of impulsive love, we may feel rushed into a draining relationship that is just emotionally undreamed of.


In this process, we can easily feel lost despite our own intuitive safeguards. When we run around in circles frantically searching for love, we tend to chase after empty shadows that, more often than not, are by nature devoid of love.


Many spend countless years desperately looking for love, not knowing that the treasure they seek is intimately hidden within the long-abandoned cracks and crevices of their own hearts. The love you seek in your relationship doesn't come from your partner; it comes from that essence, which is hidden deep within your own heart.


The True Power of Relationships

Why bother with a partner then, you ask? Because your partner is ultimately a means for you to learn ways to express your love. Love is expressed through giving, not receiving. It has a circular trajectory; it starts from your heart, reaches out and touches your partner, and then to complete the circle, returns to where it started — the seat of your own heart.


Sharing your love with your intimate partner then is a means of exercising your ability to stretch, express, and more importantly, expand the reach of your love. By genuinely expressing your love, someday it will gain enough power for you to be able to finally share it with others, worlds apart.


Ultimately, when refined, your utterance of love becomes an expression of universal love. This form of love is readily recognized and acknowledged by all. Sharing allows you to develop, explore, and ultimately unfold a greater level of love in the framework of your daily life.


This is how you can intimately touch everyone you come in contact with in life. In the end, the love you share has no choice but to echo and attract more of that same energy back to your own heart.


Where Is The Love

Given this argument then, it seems futile to look for love in the heart of others. If you would but understand this concept, you could easily see how it’s useless to search for it in the heart of another.


Love is eternally present within you; your partner can only act as a tool, a mirror that reflects the projection of the love that originates from within you. Some, of course, can reflect love a lot easier than others; somehow, like a spotless mirror, they reflect the light of love much clearer and much brighter than others. But in the end, the love they are reflecting comes from no one else but you.


If you don't feel it, you have no one else to blame but you. If it’s just not there, it’s because you have abandoned the amazing love you hold hostage inside you.


The Pangs of Pain

Perhaps at one point in your life, you did truly love someone, when he or she shamelessly reached in and tore your heart apart. Perhaps feeling emotionally scarred, you vowed to put up safeguards while you attempted to reassemble your shattered heart.


By putting up walls, however, you would also block the flow of that love, which needs to naturally emanate from your own heart. If this is the case for you, then ask yourself: where in this mess can you find a way to experience love?


The artificial shell you have carelessly erected to cocoon your heart needs to be dismantled before you can once again feel the fire of love. To do this, you need to crack it open from the inside out.


Of course by doing so, you may once again expose yourself to outside harm. True, emotional vulnerability can be extremely costly, but in the end, if you think about it, the choice clear; do you want to go it alone, or do you want others to help you get there?


Answering this question can perhaps make it easier for you to see how the love you want has to start from the throne of your own heart. Love begins from the inside out.


Start Anew

  • Stop feeling betrayed or disappointed; these feelings are not being forced on you. They are being generated from the inside out.
  • You are the creator of your own destiny, you are all that is and all that can be. You are the source of all beauty, harmony, and love.
  • Exposing the fragile, innocent love you keep locked up inside is tough, but it’s the only way to go if you are looking for that diamond in the rough.