The Hidden Side of Nature

I see myself as a human being in an isolated body made up of meat, skin, and bones, filled with carefully guarded secrets and private thoughts. But am I really separate from the world around me?


I have a physical body that I can see, hear, and touch, but I am also a non-physical being, filled with intangible hopes, emotions, dreams, and thoughts. I see myself as a human being uniquely distinct from billions of other humans, animals, plants, and shapes, but am I really so different from other humans, plants, animals, or earthly shapes?


Science tells us that we are all made out of the same stuff. For example, although a human and a monkey look and behave differently, the physical difference we perceive in their appearances is only skin-deep; it’s only a mirage, an illusion—that’s all.


In reality, we are not so different from each other after all. In truth, at a deeper level, we are almost identical. We are made out of the same elements that share a common lot.


On a subtler level, we are both made out of a unique lump of individual cells that are confined in time and space. It’s the intelligence and the order and context in which our cells are put together that allows you to distinguish the appearance of one from the other—that’s all.


When we look deeper, we see that the cells that make up our bodies are made out of the same identical molecules recycled from food, water, air, and other earthly stuff. These molecules are made up of atoms and even more elementary yet, protons, electrons, and other subatomic particles that form the finer aspects of life.


In reality, we are all made out of the same earthly—or, more accurately, cosmic—stuff . Our bodies are literally bathing in a hodgepodge soup that is made out of the same atomic and subatomic ingredients that create the universe — the same building blocks of creation itself.


If we but wake up and realize our mistaken identities, we will have the potential to change our entire universe. The burden therefore is on us to wake up and free ourselves from our illusory dreams. If we truly knew that we are all but one, we would not fight, there would be no wars, and violence would simply not exist. We would not inflict pain on others, because we would know that by doing so, we would literally hurt ourselves