The Mind Body Connection & The Alchemy Behind It

The greatest work of alchemy we all engage in throughout life is the unconscious way we turn our thoughts and emotions into the physical molds we inadvertently embody in life. Once you understand the delicate nature of this biological alchemy, you should be able to realize your potential in achieving and maintaining a life that is essentially disease free. You should be able to use this knowledge to transmute and transform your current body into one that is an unfailing source of health, energy, and vitality.


Our bodies are made up of tissues, organs, and systems that work in harmony to carry out the function of life. these tissues and organs are made out of cells that, among other things, help form the body, communicate, produce energy, and sustain life. When in tune with one another, every cell, every tissue, and every organ works in unison to help support the gift of life.


What’s important to realize, however, is that life itself is not generated by cells or any of the physical constituents of life. These are mere vehicles that are used to support the activity of physical life. Although the body is composed of these finer living constituents, without a conscious mind, it has no intelligence to sustain life. For this reason, the condition of the body can never be separated from the mind. Therefore, a healthy body must by default reside in a healthy mind.


Picture this: what happens when someone dies? As soon as the mind withdraws, the body begins to decay and decompose rapidly before our eyes. The organs become lifeless, the cells burst or shrivel, and the whole body becomes a playground for other live organisms that feed on those parts. This process makes it possible to recycle the waste and eventually recapture the essential elements needed to create new lives.


What then keeps the body intact before someone dies? What is it that immunizes it from outside harm? This integrative force is none other than that essence of nature called the higher self. This higher self is an indivisible part of a universal consciousness. It is the source that gives life to the mind itself.


Every single living cell in the body is endowed with a wonderful intelligence that is intimately supported by this higher consciousness. Consciousness therefore is not limited or confined to the brain; the whole body is adorned with a matrix that accommodates this consciousness.

Our cells therefore are not just isolated, self-serving cells; they are intelligent little beings that work in harmony with one another to consciously help nourish and protect our bodies and keep them well. Together, they form an intricate communication grid that is embodied by this consciousness.


Our cells have the capacity to dynamically eavesdrop on our internal emotions and monologues. In fact, they not only eavesdrop but also collectively react to the context of our emotions and mental states overall. This is the primary means by which diseases and discomforts start. Unless we harmonize the affairs of the body and mind, we are doomed to experience periodic episodes of disease and recovery throughout life. Therefore health is not just a physical phenomenon; it is intimately dependent on the condition of the connection between the body and mind.