About Homayoun Sadeghi, M.D.

I'd like to think of myself as a contemporary thinker. I am a physician and a mind-body educator and speaker. I received my medical degree from the University of Iowa and completed my postgraduate medical training at the Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital.

I am an advocate of combining the needs of modern living with the power of insight, intuition, wisdom, and inner healing. I believe that a healthy body starts from the inside out. When it comes to health and healing, I generally tend to embrace a holistic approach and stress the importance of a well-balanced mind and body in the art of well-being. I think a healthy body can only start with a healthy mind. Therefore, if we want an effervescent body that bubbles with health and vitality, I find it imperative that we keep a close watch on our daily habits, emotions, and thoughts.

It took me decades to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between one’s inner thoughts and habits, and the quality of health. Even as a doctor, I was shocked to finally realize the critical role the mind plays in creating vitality, disease, aging, and health. In truth, I rarely considered the importance of mind as a fundamental determinant of health. Like pieces of a puzzle, however, everything simply fell in place when I finally learned to look within and discover the more subtle and deeper landscapes in life.

My teaching institutions were of world-class caliber and exceptionally well rounded. Nevertheless, I found it difficult to find extra time to pause and reflect. In medical school, I was too busy learning the wealth of information that had ambushed me. I was drowning in demanding rotations and subjects like anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, and biochemistry. My postgraduate residency training emphasized hands-on proficiency by means of volume and breadth of pathology.

As I transitioned out of training, I began my career by serving as a university instructor. It wasn’t until I became a private practitioner, however, that I began to put two and two together and noticed the abstract interplay between the mind and the body in creating energy, vitality, and healing.

Throughout the years that followed, my observations were slowly confirmed as I gained more insight and intuition, spurred on by an insatiable thirst for introspection and self-reflection. Little by little, the role of mind became increasingly evident as I supplemented my medical skills with intuitive knowledge and inner guidance.

What had been repeatedly emphasized in residency and medical school finally became clear: a loving smile, a helping hand, and a passionate display of compassion and care go a long way in healing a patient who’s been lost in a hopeless despair. As you will see, the wealth of information on this site is not necessarily obtained by randomized trials or scientific experiments but rather from intuitive observations and relevant internal questions. Although I have authored abstracts and articles that are widely quoted and cited in prominent national and international scientific journals, the standards you observe here cannot necessarily all be gauged by scientific methods but rather by individual reflections and inner observations.

If you enjoy reading what you see here, I'd like to invite you to read my book, The Art of Healthy Living: A Mind-Body Approach to Inner Balance and Natural Vitality. You can find more information on it here https://sadeghimd.com/home/book/

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